How I Began

It all began with my tenth birthday party. My mom had planned a "tea party birthday" for me. I had always wanted one, and she decided to plan it for my tenth birthday. Among the excitement, the friends, and the fun, I received many beautiful gifts. Of which, I still have many. Some now passed down to my younger sisters. These gifts brought me books, little baking pans, and the one that I remember using the most is the crochet needle, crochet book, and yarn that I received from a dear friend, Angie H. Little did she know how much and how far those little items would bring me. Crocheting became a favorite hobby and I started learning the very day the gift was given. Lizzy, my friend at that party, already new the beginnings to crocheting and she taught me the basic stitch as we sat on the pews in the sanctuary. When I perfected the first stitch, others taught me the next 2 stitches I would need to know. Then I began reading patterns and teaching myself different stitches, but not really getting far in what I was making. Washcloths and scarves were about the only thing I could make. About a year or two later, we went over to our neighbors house in which a very dear lady sits. ;) As we visited I noticed a beautifully crafted crochet pillow on her rocking chair. I complimented it, she replying that she made it. I'm not really sure how the next part came about, but I do know she offered to teach me and I excepted. We had so many good laughs, and she was a wonderful teacher! Brenda, taught me to make a flower, how to crochet granny squares and she also taught me the proper way to do a Double Crochet, which I had been doing incorrectly. ;) She increased my knowledge and love for it! Not only did she do this, but we made beautiful memories. Oh! and she also gave me a vintage book, that had LOTS of ways to crochet! This is how I began and thanks to Pinterest and other crochet books my ability to crochet has improved over the years. Not perfect, but better. Through the years, crocheting has brought me to love other things. It being the first craft or hobby I had ever done, it gave me a love for making many other things. (Though you won't catch me knitting! No way!) :P Which is why you will see pendants, and jewelry and who knows what else in my Etsy Shop. ;) Currently, I am 19. (20 on Jan. 1st.) Life has taken us in many directions. But never has my love of crocheting decreased. The art makes for such fun things to make and give. My brothers and sisters all enjoy receiving something that I had made and I am so thrilled and blessed to have these wonderful memories associated with my journey to crocheting. My name is Petra, and what I create, is created with love and a hope that it will bring someone joy, comfort, and blessing!

Scarf and "unseen" pendant made by me.

How did you learn to crochet? 
How long have you been doing it?
Even if you don't crochet, do you like the way it looks and feels?

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