Thursday, October 16, 2014

Skeleton Key Pendants // Christmas

Hey Ya'll! Are you enjoying the autumn season? I know I am! It's starting to get chilly here in my neck of the woods. Not so chilly that it's time to turn on the heat, but chilly enough that it makes you curl up in a blanket, or sleep late. Sleep later that is.... :P

I'm absolutely in love with the first two pendants I have picture here. They have that perfect simpleness that can go with so much. I love to pair my pendants on a long chain and wear it under a scarf where it hangs gracefully under the scarf. ;)

This Christmas Pendant came in my head just today! Sometimes it takes me awhile to think of how to make new things, but when they do, they normally succeed. ;)

I also wanted to show and tell you all that the Snow Man Cozy is back in my shop! Isn't he cute!

Don't forget to use the coupon code AUTUMNTHANKS TO GET 10% OFF YOUR PURCHASE OF 6.00 OR MORE!! Ends on Friday the 17th!

Crochet Lessons // How to Crochet a Chain Stitch

Hey ya'll! Here is the next stitch you need to know when beginning to Crochet! Happy Crocheting! The abbreviation for this stitch is like this:  "Ch". 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crochet Lessons // How to Crochet a Slip Knot

Happy, happy, happy!! My first crochet tutorial made and published. Lessons are dedicated to my friends who wanted lessons. :) Hope you enjoy learning and crocheting!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coupon Code // Autumn Thanks

Hey, hey, hey! Thought I would let you all know that I have a discount running in my shop right now! Take advantage and get your 10% off today! Discount ends on the 17th! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Girly Overalls // Purple and Teal

So... this adorableness happened last week. Find it in my shop! ;)

What's your favorite thing about this outfit?
What other color combo's would you like to see?


Friday, September 26, 2014

Newborn Baby Boy Overalls // It's back!

Hurrah right!? I finally got another newborn baby boy outfit listed again! It's so much fun to make these! Esp. when you know it's gonna go on an adorable baby! Looking forward to making more baby outfits in the future. ;) Find it HERE!

What kind of Baby Item's would you like to see? 
Do you have a baby boy or girl that you would love to see handmade clothes on?

Crocheter, Photographer, and Seller

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Time of the Cup Cozies Have Come Again

It's becoming that time of year again. Everyone gets excited about Autumn, cooler weather, campfires, the fact that you can start wearing scarves and boots, and putting adorable fall cup cozies around a nice hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa! I am excited for Autumn! Are you?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Boy Country Western Photo Prop // Crochet Overalls and Hat

The thought of someone having their precious baby boy's pictures taken in this cute overall photo prop outfit for a memorable photo makes me smile. Especially handcrafted for you, made with soft yarn to protect baby's skin, and able to be used as regular clothing. ;) Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. Size 0-3 months. 

Find it HERE!

What colors would you enjoy seeing?
Do you like this style of hat?
Would you buy the pattern for it?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Brand New Items // Earbud Cases

It's a brand new item and it was a brand new idea for me! I absolutely love it when you have an idea in your head and it comes out just like you imagined! That's the way it was for these earbud case! There are so many uses for them too! Lunch money pouches for school, coin purse, memory card case, the list could go on! The keychain ring makes the pouch able to be hooked onto your backpack, purse, or keychain. 
Right now I only have these two colors. But be on the lookout for more!

What would you use these for?
What colors would you like to see?
Would you attach it to your keys or a backpack?

Petra @
Treasures by Peachtree

Find both earbud cases here and here.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crochet Scrubbies // I Tried Something New

There is always something fun about changing/pairing colors. At least, I've always liked playing with putting the colors together. ;) Do you like this color combo? What color Combo's would you do?

This last week I had decided to write the pattern that I made for my scrubbies available to others. Yesterday, I sat down and made one, taking photos as I went for the pattern...then I laid it out and made it a pdf download! Never in my life would I have dreamed that it would take me so long! Anyway, enough rambling... :P It's now available if you want to make your own color combos for yourself or as a gift! They are easy to make and it's a great pattern for beginners! (link below) Enjoy!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Crochet Scrubbies // They're Back!

It's like Murphy's law. As soon as you take it out of your shop it's viewed lots of times! That's what made me decide to put them back in my shop. The views made me think that maybe people were wanting to have some again. Were you? were you wanting some again? Of course you were! :P You really, really, need some of these! They are excellent for washing off your make up and face! Not that we don't like to see your face, it's just that unless you don't have these your face won't be perfect!! Ok... so I'm not good at making sales speeches or giving people guilt trips into buying things. As you may have noticed. Lets not do that again... Movin' on! These scrubbies are the ones in my shop right now. They are used for washing your face and body, like I said above, or you can use them in the kitchen. That's all up to you. ;) 

 What colors would you like to see?
What would you use these scrubbies for?

(crocheter and writer)

Crochet Banner // Branching Out

I know, I know... I am finally posting something!! It's been to long since I posted anything. But I felt like nobody would want to see pics of pendants over and over...for one, I hate blogs that are repetitive and try my hardest not to be. Though I don't think I succeed all the time. But I shall succeed today!! ;) If you haven't figured it out already, I love to try and make new things. And as such it reflects into my Etsy life. :P So, without further ado, I want to say that I am going to be branching out and trying/making new things! Stay tuned to see what comes in the near future. Now onto what I want to share with you. It's a fun little something I made about a month ago. It's kinda late for the holiday it's made for, but I want you to see it anyway. ;) SEE! >>>> :)
Red, white, and blue! This could be used for the upcoming holiday: Labor Day! Even if it was made for the fourth of July. :P
I am really excited at how cute this turned out! It's so much cuter and fun in person then the photo's show! Which is somewhat a bummer since you cannot get the full effect. There are so many good ideas when it comes to banners and what you can use them for. This would make such a cute photo prop to hold or put in the background. This banner is about 7 ft long and made from 100% cotton. I love cotton! Why? because it stays nice and neat looking and doesn't get fuzzy like acrylic yarns!
What color combos would you like to see?
What would you use a banner for?
What length would you like best?

(crocheter and writer)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jewelry/Pendant/KeyChain/Purse Charm Giveaway of your choice!!!!

Hello wonderful people! I am excited to announce this giveaway! For one, I will be using Rafflecopter which makes it easier for you to enter, gives you more chances to win, and it fairly chooses the winner for me! Which means no partiality is ever shown! If you are the winner you will be able to choose which pedant you would like to have by picking from the availability of Treasures by Peachtree's Etsy shop. Have fun entering and don't forget to share! ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Key Pendants/Key Chains / Purse Charm

You know, the problem with having a Etsy/business blog is that I never know what to say about the new items I want to show you... I guess I could tell you how much fun it is to make these pendants, key chains, or whatever you want to call them; or how much I enjoy doing things on Etsy, or the fact that I sold 3 in the last two days... but I am afraid that will bore you and then you wouldn't follow my blog... *pouts*
So here is to just saying: Look! I have some new items! ;) :P Enjoy and don't forget to share. Here is my shop:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Not just a pendant???

So this last week I realized that the pendants in my Etsy shop can be used for more than just pendants! Duh!? Why didn't I think of tagging them #keychains and #pursecharms!!! Since I had this "grand" idea I thought I would share it with you. :P Here are two pictures to show you an example.

Earrings to Match ;)

So this week I have been working on making earrings to match the pendants I make.... I have both pendant and earrings together to show you which ones match. ;) Here are the images and don't forget o use the coupon for 10% off your orders! ;) Coupon code is: COOLMOMS1
Thanks for shopping!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In Honor of Treasures by Peachtree's New Opening

In honor of Treasures by Peachtree's new look and opening, I give to you this coupon code! I don't know about you, but when I see something awesomely priced AND there is a coupon to go with it - It just makes it pure genius!! Come on over and see all the item's for yourself! I will be posting some more when I get some more supplies and I hope to make some earrings to match. Don't worry, all this good stuff will be coming soon AND you will still get to use the coupon. It doesn't expire until AUGUST 1st!! ;) Wasn't that nice of me?! :P You don't have to use it right away and make a hasty choice! Take your time, share it with your friends, and tell them about me! :D Thank you so much for your support! 

and the coupon code is:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Products and Why I Want to Have a Productive Etsy Shop

Hey Everyone!! I wanted to let you know that my shop and my social networks have hopefully changed for the better. ;) I have discovered a new product that I personally have fallen in love with and wanted to give you all a chance of seeing it and possibly having it for yourself. 

Before we go on with looking at all the new products in this post, I would like to explain to you why I am once again, diving into becoming an Etsy Seller. For a while, I have wanted to build  my Hope Chest for when Mr. Right comes along. But it takes some extra money to do that. Knowing that I wanted to stay home no matter what; my mind started contemplating what I would do to make some extra money. Of course, Etsy is the place I knew I would be. But what to make was the problem. I realized that it needed to be something everyone could afford and something that would also be simple. Why did I want to keep it simple? I have noticed that what a lot of people love, is simplicity. If it's easy to wear and easy to put on. then it's convenient. Who doesn't love convenience right?! :) And that is why I chose simple yet striking skeleton key pendants. They are perfect for adding a nice flair to everyday outfits or even office outfits, without being over dressy or over annoying. The next reason I have is that I would like to be able to put some money aside for things that I need. Having the extra money helps my Mom and Dad to have some extra money for themselves. Things like buying my own clothes, shoes, or other needs, frees my Mom and Dad up a little and it makes me feel better when they have extra money they don't have to spend on me. ;) These are the main reasons I am beginning my Etsy shop. Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you enjoy my products. Please know that everything I make is made with the excitement of knowing it will bring someone pleasure. Thanks for looking and sharing!


Key to my Heart

Celtic in Red

Reminds me of the Ocean and Sandollars

Watermelons in Summer

Celtic in Clear

Fun 4th of July

Ropes in the Ocean

Owl of Orange

Reminds me of the Snowball bush in our yard. 

Monday, March 24, 2014


Just thought I would let you all know that the last of my items are on sale! They expire in May and they won't be relisted. Everything was $5.75 and $5.50, now all is $4.99.
Check it out!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coupon Code!!!!

Get what you want now before it's gone forever!! I am going to be doing some very slow changes to my shop, and I want everything I have to sell quickly! So, take advantage of the coupon and shop now. ;) Shop link below or on side bar.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Giveaway on my Facebook page (and blog)!!!! :D :D

Yes, yes, yes!!! You could win one of these washcloths! All you have to do is go to my FACEBOOK page, like it, and comment on the giveaway that you did. :D
Not on Facebook? Just follow my blog and comment on this post that so that you get entered.. :)
(The Gifts will be given away when the Facebook page reaches 200 likes.)

Popcorn Stitch Flower - Pattern

My First Tutorial!!! Let me know your thoughts! 
Popcorn Stitch Flower 
Skill Level: Very Easy
Ch 3, join with sl st in first st. Ch 1
Rnd. 1) In very center of ring, sc 8, join with sl st in first sc, ch 2 (counts as first dc)
Rnd. 2.) In first sc, dc 5. Working at the back,  sl st in first dc. Ch 2. Turn. (Front of flower should be facing you) Pedal one made.
*In next sc, dc 6,  working at the back, join with sl st in beg. dc. (See illustration above) Ch. 2.* Repeat from * 6 times. When you reach the last pedal, sl st in the back of beg. pedal. Fasten off. (You should have 8 pedals.)
Tada!!!! This is what your finished product should look like.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  :) If you have any questions or comments please comment below.
Don’t forget to checkout my Etsy Shop. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Give me your ideas!!!

Well. Life has been busy for my family. We just finished moving this past weekend and so I have just now been able to open my shop back up. Because of the new year, I was trying to think of a something new I could put in my shop. My thoughts include, #Soap #Cozies, holiday garlands, and I have tossed around the idea of baby booties. I would love to know what you think I should make! What would you be interested in? Feel free to suggest! If you can, I would love to see a picture of your thoughts. (If you can). ;)

While you're here, don't forget to take a peek into my store! I have valentine cozies too. :D ;)