Monday, July 28, 2014

Crochet Scrubbies // They're Back!

It's like Murphy's law. As soon as you take it out of your shop it's viewed lots of times! That's what made me decide to put them back in my shop. The views made me think that maybe people were wanting to have some again. Were you? were you wanting some again? Of course you were! :P You really, really, need some of these! They are excellent for washing off your make up and face! Not that we don't like to see your face, it's just that unless you don't have these your face won't be perfect!! Ok... so I'm not good at making sales speeches or giving people guilt trips into buying things. As you may have noticed. Lets not do that again... Movin' on! These scrubbies are the ones in my shop right now. They are used for washing your face and body, like I said above, or you can use them in the kitchen. That's all up to you. ;) 

 What colors would you like to see?
What would you use these scrubbies for?

(crocheter and writer)

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