Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yellow Peasant Dress Size 5

Hello and Welcome to Treasures by Peachtree! I am looking forward to sharing all sorts of doll clothes, girl clothes, and crocheted goodies with you! I adore handmade things, and esp. things that are a little old fashioned looking. Like prairie dresses, and fun scrubbies! 
Today I would like to share with you this sweet and adorable Girl's dress and matching doll dress. I first started making dresses, when my little sister was born. We are VERY picky in what we wear, which made it difficult to find the things we wanted in the stores. (We like extra girly stuff.) ;) That is when we decided we would start making dresses. And that is when I found out, that I love to sew.  It is also when I found out that I wanted to share my creations with everyone! Like you, dear reader. ;) 

For this dress, I used 100% cotton. I just love cotton. It's light, it breathes,  and it's comfortable. My little sister loves it too. 

This dress is so full, that it let's little girls sit Indian style, it covers them when they sit and they can run and climb with free movement. 

The doll dress is very sweet looking. When I had hemmed and made it, I found it alot shorter than I wanted it.. So...  that gave me room to add a lace ruffle. I am pretty sure that made it all the sweeter. :)

Thanks for dropping by to see what I have made.
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