Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn ~ The Loveliest Season

 It's true, you wouldn't be able to change my opinion either. Autumn sunsets, the orange, red, and brown trees all mixed together, pumpkins, campfires, walks, the cool weather.... There is just something, romantic and whimsical about Autumn.

Autumn tends to inspire me. It inspires me to make everything in it's colors. It inspires me to put orange decorations up in September, with the anticipation that the world outside will soon be orange.

It inspires me to make scrubbies, in honor of it's colors.
Yellow, Orange, and Orange Brown.

It inspires me to make them in the traditional fall candy corn colors. 

It Inspires me to crochet pumpkins..

In short Fall inspires me. 
So, In honor of the autumn season, I ask you dear reader to:

Thank you for reading!
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