Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Cozy is That?!

 Do you want my honest opinion on these cup cozies? If you did, what do you think it would be? Well. I suppose I won't leave you guessing... Here is my opinion: (Drum roll, please) They are ADORABLE!!!!  Esp. that owl one. Yes. the owl one. It's my favorite. What do you think? Handmade cozy with felty owl.. Surely you've fallen in love with it. ;-) 

My next favorite has to be this crocheted bubble stitched Candy Corn Cozy! The Bubble Stitch seems to give it more of a welcoming, cheery look, and.. well.. cozy. ;) 

Brown, Orange, Pumpkins... What else could I say but FALL! I sure would be sitting by a campfire using this pumpking cozy around my fresh cup of campfire coffee. 

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